The Job Interview

I met up with my friend a few weeks ago, she asked me if I could finish work early and meet her, she sounded in quite a distressed state. She had just returned from Leeds having had a job interview.  I know most of us have been in the same place….gone for the interview for [...]

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Q & A’s with our Clinical Psychologist, Dr Vicki Wingrove

1) Tell us a bit about you. I'm a Clinical Psychologist who works with children, young people and families. I work at Yorkshire Psychotherapy but also in Rotherham CAMHS on their ASD assessment pathway. I'm also a mother, a dog owner, a vegetarian, a hopeless dancer and a lover of cake. 2) What type of [...]

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Smiling really does make the world go round…..

Barbara Fredricksons book ‘ Love 2.0: Finding Happiness and Health in Moments of Connection’, shows us that love really does hold the key to improving our own mental well being…and much more than happiness and optimism apparently!!  She talks about ‘micro moments of positivity’ and these can be anything like the interaction you have with [...]

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Being a Carer

I have supported and worked with many carers throughout my career. Having elderly parents and being an only child, I found myself in the same role, looking after others. I never felt I 'had to do it', I just did it, naturally, never questioning whether I should. I think that is important to remember. Most [...]

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We’re all just trying to get along

I have recently attended a refocus on mental health recovery conference in Nottingham, which was, to say the least, inspiring, thought provoking, sometimes challenging and always positive. Many of the speakers spoke about recovery being an individual journey whereby a person has, against all adversity, despite prevalence of symptoms and societal prejudices and stigma, succeeded [...]

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The importance of play

I think you’ll agree with me that Heather’s obsession with stationary, particularly notebooks, is well evidenced. We all have things that we can’t resist buying, currently for me its hats for my little girl. I never had a head for hats but my daughter looks amazing wearing any type. I particularly like her in straw [...]

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