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Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have had to say.

I can whole-heartedly recommend Heather’s service. I have had a very long battle with mental issues and I was at a point where nothing seemed to be working. My wife found Heather on Facebook and arranged a meet up on my behalf.

Heather’s well explained, caring and thoughtful approach suited me very well and I find myself in a far better place than I have been for a number of years. There’s still some distance to cover but I am happy in the knowledge that I have Heather’s support should I revert to my former ways. Thanks Heather!

Dave, Rotherham
When I first met Heather it was the beginning of May, I am now due my last session this week. Today I feel in a whole different world than what I did back in May. I can now control my own weather, no longer clinging onto my boat in the darkest storms I am sitting comfortably enjoying life. Heather has taught me through Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to be aware of my worries and anxieties and how to control them when they are there- I am realistic that life will always throw things at you that cannot be avoided- it’s the key to how you deal with them that counts.

I 100% recommend Heather for advice for anyone that feels they need any support or help with any mental health concerns. Heather is relaxed, approachable and very supportive. I recommend anyone who even thinks about needing a little support to get it, Heather is a professional Mental Health Nurse with a vast of experience and knowledge in many areas- not just CBT.

I hope I don’t need any future guidance but if I do- I will return without hesitance.

Sally, Barnsley
Just wanted to wish Penny good luck in her new venture working with Heather. I cannot thank Penny enough for how she has helped me with my anxiety/stress problems. I have always found her caring, approachable and very easy to talk to. Penny has taught me how to deal with my problems and shown me how to put things in perspective. I would recommend Penny to anyone with any kind of stress /anxiety problems that they need help to overcome. She is a Star.
Joan, Barnsley
Heather Howard has been my therapist throughout.

When I first made contact with YP I just knew I had made the right decision in choosing to go ahead with therapy. I have never felt so relaxed and comfortable talking about very difficult topics and Heather has helped me to not only deal with past problems but also to see how I can have a future where I can use coping mechanisms.

She helped me realise that it’s O.K. to struggle with emotions and how I can overcome difficult times. She made me see that in fact I’m only human and when I have self-sabotaged through alcohol that I can turn things around. I now feel at a point where if I feel the urge to binge drink when my mood is low, I have strategies in place for dealing with this.

Heather has assured me, that whilst my therapy has come to a close, YP are always there and I have said that I would like to have maintenance sessions, intervals to be decided by me but maybe 3 x a year.

Thank you so much for helping me to feel normal!

Sarah, Barnsley
I saw Heather a couple of years ago whilst suffering from work related stress. Heathers treatment got me back to work, and she taught me techniques to deal with what I was going through, and to deal with everyday pressures that family life throws at you.

I use these techniques as part of my everyday life now, and have never looked back. At the time it was the worst feeling in the world, and hard to admit there was something wrong, but I am so glad I sought the help I needed and couldn’t have asked for a more sympathetic, patient and caring person as Heather.

I highly recommend Heather, and can honestly say that I feel a more rounded and understanding person since receiving her treatment, and have learnt to appreciate that we are not perfect, and us working mums cannot be superwoman, and it’s okay to put yourself first at times. Thank you so much.

Caroline, Barnsley
I recommend Heather without any hesitation. The only test that really matters is whether, if I or someone I cared about, needed help, who would I go to. This may seem like a very subjective recommendation but I know Heather well and worked alongside her for a while. She certainly knows her stuff and is a skilled, professional practitioner.

But in the end, Heather has something that can’t be easily acquired. She has life experience, she cares about people – genuinely cares- and I trust her. I can’t think of a higher recommendation than that.

Don, RMN and MIndfulness Practitioner, Sheffield
I am so glad that I came across Heather on Facebook, I was at a really low point and really needed somebody to help me make sense of my thoughts. She is a lovely person who is warm, easy to talk to and a great listener. Over several sessions I began to feel the weight lifting from my shoulders and to think more clearly, certain issues started to really make sense. I now feel that I have a better understanding of myself and my past which makes me feel much more optimistic about the future. Heather is very passionate about her work and helping others and I would highly recommend her services.
Nicola, Barnsley
In June this year I found myself in a position where I needed help and I didn’t know where to turn. My husband found Heather by seeing her page on FB. We contacted her and I arranged an initial visit. I was really worried before, that I would find it difficult to open up and be able to deal with what I was going through… Heather was really easy to talk to, professional but personable and knew how to help me.

I began a course of EMDR, at times I found it difficult but Heather ensured I was aware of how I might feel and that reassured me. Slowly but surely I started to just feel better without really noticing when it happened. My life is very different now, I have things to work on but I have confidence that I can do it. I am not in complete darkness and fear anymore, that’s thanks to Heather.

Vanessa, Wakefield

Heather is very approachable and understanding, which has made it much easier to discuss my thoughts and the physical sensations that surround my anxieties.

I have often felt in the past that people simply don’t understand the frustration and upset that can often accompany the constant feelings of worry, I am very grateful that Heather has provided me with a great deal of insight into both the biological and psychological processes involved when the body is subjected to prolonged cycles of fear. I have found that being able to talk through how my thoughts and feelings interact with each other, has given me a greater understanding of why it has been so difficult for me to recover previously.
Heather is highly knowledgable and comes across as having a genuine passion for helping people overcome challenging times in their life, and has always offered me treatment in manageable and achievable steps.

James, Barnsley

I was quite nervous when it came to seeing a therapist but I knew that ultimately it was something I had to confront. Heather immediately made me feel at ease from our very first session and found myself opening up to her in a way that I had always found very difficult in the past. The surroundings were comfortable and I gained a lot from our sessions. The therapy I received was both well constructed and well delivered. I was able to ask any questions I had throughout our time together and at no time did I feel uneasy. I was able to conclude my therapy when I felt the time was right to do so and was never judged in any way by Heather. I would not have any reservations in recommending Heather to anyone and she would be the first person I would call should I ever seek any type of therapy in the future. Thanks for everything.

John, Wakefield